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A Community to Connect

A 24/7 work & gathering space with a coffee shop vibe serving rural America

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What We Offer

Be the movement – hybrid workspaces are the future of work! 

Productivity on your terms.


A place to gather, network, and build lasting connections.

Health & Wellbeing

Because productivity starts with a healthy mind and body.

Work Spaces

Options for any working style, from traditional to open concept.

Zen Den

A space to find your center, breathe, and reset.

Podcast Room

We provide a creative space to Collaborate and create and get your message out.


All the AMENITIES you need to be your most productive self.

Like What You See

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"When my office transferred us to remote work during the pandemic, I realized how DISTRACTING working from home is! CO4 is the perfect solution to help me get my productivity back out of the office."

– Lisa Adkins

"I didn't realize how important interacting with my co-workers was til our office converted everyone to remote work last year. CO4 gives me back the human interaction I need to get motivated!"

– Kim Daly

"I love that CO4 will provide me with so many amenities in a co-working space. They really go above and beyond making this place a productive home away from home."

– John Lynche

"Having a place like CO4 is invaluable. They have everything I will need to run my business remotely, while still providing all the corporate space amenities my clients need."

– Steven Doyle

Why choose us

Because everyone deserves to enjoy their daily lives, even at work.

And everyone should have access to a peaceful distraction-free environment to be productive and collaborate with other like-minded achievers.

About Us

Our Origin Story


The Hybrid Shift of 2020…

The world shut down. Doors closed around the globe, but we still needed to “go to work.” Remote positions exploded while traditional office roles adapted the at-home work model – and it’s here to stay!


A Problem Presented…

Work-Life balance. We understand how hard it is to stay focused on heads down work at home in an environment full of distractions and interruptions. Creatives feel isolated, inhibiting creative thinking that comes with collaboration and social engagement.


A Solution Delivered…

With you in mind, we’ve created a flexible workspace offering collaborative seating to engage as well as private, focused offices to concentrate or hold private meetings and calls…and there’s free drip coffee. Always.

Our Floor Plan & Amenities