About Us

Our Company

At CO4 we are more than a workspace, we are a community.


Our Why

We believe in rural America!

From the corn fields and open pastures of America’s Dairyland, Aaron and Allie Thiel are passionate about providing the resources for small communities to make big impacts in the global marketplace.  Aaron & Allie are “see a need, meet a need” people, motivated by a desire to serve. Inspired by the mission of The Center on Rural Innovation, they are driven to love people well while being active participants in the commission in Genesis 1 and Isaiah 54 – to be fruitful, to multiply and fill the earth, using its vast resources in the service of God and man…to expand to the right and to the left and make the desolate cities inhabited. With a focus on forging relationships within the community, their vision clearly sees the human potential and opportunities for innovation in the Greater Fox Valley

As the spark grows to a flame, Aaron and Allie are energized by the continued forward progress of downtown Kaukauna as it continues to grow into a bustling hub of small businesses serving a local and global market. CO4 Workspace was birthed out of the desire to provide the space in their rural community to dream big, incubate new ideas, and collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs across a broad range of disciplines and work experience. This is how big things come out of small places, and we’re ready to get after it!  

Our Difference

Amenities & Accommodations



Our CoStore is open 24/7, here for your every need. From coffee and snacks to nutrition rich REAL food options (no microwave burritos here, unless you bring them). Plus the bonus of likeminded company, which is always a plus!

Podcast Room

The mediums of communication in business and marketing are changing, and we believe your coworking space should accommodate that. Our facility has a podcast space specifically designed for optimal audio recording.

Zen Den

We know you work hard, and that focus of brain power saps energy. Having a space to relax, refresh, and reset is critical to rejuvinating your mind and coming back to projects with fresh ideas and a clear mind.

What We Offer

Be the movement – hybrid workspaces are the future of work! Productivity on your terms.


A place to gather, network, and build lasting connections.

Health & Wellbeing

Because productivity starts with a healthy mind and body.

Work Spaces

Options for any working style, from traditional to open concept.

Zen Den

A space to find your center, breathe, and reset.

Podcast Room

We provide a creative space to Collaborate and create.


All the AMENITIES you need to be your most productive self.

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Our Floor Plan & Amenities